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Bun Channimol.

CEO and Founder of SASTRA FILM

Founder / CEO
and Motivational Speaker


Bun Channimol is an exceptional individual who is making significant contributions towards the growth and development of the film industry in Cambodia. Her exemplary leadership skills, coupled with her remarkable creativity, have led to inspiring results. Her passion for storytelling is admirable and serves as a source of inspiration to others. Thanks to her hard work and dedication, numerous aspiring filmmakers in Cambodia have been able to pursue their dreams, leading to a steady growth of the Cambodian film industry. It's truly remarkable to witness her tremendous impact on the industry, and we're grateful for her continued efforts.Nowadays, Bun Channimol is a highly accomplished and respected woman who has made a significant contribution to Cambodia's film industry.



Film production has been my dream since I was young. I am a child of Khmer Kampuchea Krom. When I was a kid, I learned to read and write the Khmer language at the pagoda, and I hoped to become a writer. In 1999, when I was nine years old, my family moved to Cambodia. I believed that I would become a writer when I grew up, so I took short courses related to screenwriting. Unfortunately, after I graduated, the opportunity to become a film writer was low at the time, and it was difficult to find a job in the film industry. In 2015, I decided to start my own film production company with an initial capital of $1,000. With the help of my husband, family, and one staff member, the film production company has been running successfully until today.

Starting from a single employee to 150 employees, our company is also providing job opportunities to over 200 artists per year. We started the company by making 3-minute films posting on Facebook.

And currently, we produce hundreds of films a year, with variety of contents such as:

  • 250 TV Series per year

  • 24 feature films per year

  • 52 Life Films per year

  • 18 Life Series per year


We also developed our own movie app called Sastra Film App, which has variety of creative contents to entertain our audiences regardless of their age. We are committed to develop ourselves and together, we bring Cambodian Film to the world.



As a CEO and Founder, Nimol walk along with the business journey for more than 7 years and created more than five sub-companies by 2023.

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Together, we bring Cambodian Film to the world

Sastra Film App is a Video on Demand streaming platform that brings all of Sastra exclusive ads-free content and more in one place.

Sastra Film
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1st Leading Film Production
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Sastra Film is the premier film production and streaming service in Cambodia, setting the gold standard for Cambodian Films. We are dedicated to producing high-quality films that showcase the richness and diversity of Cambodia's culture and its people. 

Together, we bring Cambodian Films to the world.

CEO and Founder of SASTRA FILM.

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